Communities urged to Learn Local

More than 80 Learn Local organisations across Victoria are to receive grants totalling $3.78 million, provided through Round 2 of the State governments Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board Capacity and Innovation Fund 2011.

Round 2 of this funding has provided $49,500 for Learn Local organisation Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre Inc. to help them better serve the needs of learners in Burwood.

The grants help adult community education Learn Local organisations such as Alamein Neighbourhood and Learning Centre to expand their services, improve efficiency, offer new courses and increase the participation and attainment of learners.

Burwood MP Graham Watt said the money would be used to provide opportunities to Learn Local organisations to develop programs and products aimed at building capacity and increasing the participation and attainment of learners.

“The ACFE Capacity and Innovation Grants have been designed to help Learn Local organisations to develop new programs to boost participation and learning”, Graham Watt said.

“The Capacity and Innovation Fund is an initiative that will encourage innovation within adult education and support a sector of the Victorian education system that already does vital work in supporting adult learners”.

“As a knowledge-driven economy, Victoria will increasingly need a workforce with higher levels of qualifications and skills.  Through these funds, the Learn Local organisations in our region are further enhanced to help supply this education and training.  Congratulations to the successful applicant from this round”.

Each year the state’s 320 Learn Local organisations provide education and training to more than 100,000 people, offering vocational, language, literacy and numeracy and work-skill courses.

In the 20 years that the community-based adult education sector has been recognised in Victoria by legislation, these organisations have helped countless thousands of people to an education and employment pathway.

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Digital by James Hammon