Graham’s Background

Graham grew up in public housing with his ten sisters and being part of a large family taught Graham to make the most of every opportunity.

From humble beginnings, Graham worked his way through university, became an Australian athletics champion, built his own business from the ground up and became a member of the Parliament of Victoria.

As an Australian school boy Champion and State Champion, Graham had the opportunity to travel both interstate and overseas for Athletics.  In 2004, he walked a hundred miles in 24 hours, to become an Australian centurion, something achieved by only 48 people on Australian soil, at that time.

His work ethic and belief in individual endeavour were forged as a fourteen year old boy sweeping floors in a hardware store. Graham saw the reward for effort and drive to succeed displayed by a man who started his business with nothing but the holes in his shoes and a want to achieve. He was the very essence of liberalism.

Graham was the owner/operator of a mobile phone retail store in the late 1990s, at the cusp of the mobile phone revolution and was a sales representative and executive for four years.

In 2002, recognising the potential in the service industry, Graham started his own small business Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaner, and it’s as a small business owner that Graham gained an appreciation of the importance of small and medium business to the local economy.

Being able to tackle the big ideas and contributing to the reforms necessary for Victoria is an honour that I have never taken for granted.

Since 2018, Graham has helped set up a food relief centre, established a homeless shelter, coordinated a mentoring program for primary school children, run seminars to assist business through Covid and undertaken a post graduate law degree.

As a former state representative in athletics and life member of the Australian Centurions Club, sport has been a big part of Graham’s life, and Graham recognises what a difference volunteers can make to the lives of those they assist.

Graham was the Chair of the Coalitions Jobs and Business Committee from 2014-2018; member of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation; and was the President of the State Parliament Victoria Lions Club from 2014-2018.

I am passionate about the community. I am passionate about the Liberal Party, the values and ideals that we represent.